Waven continues hotfixes and improvements in its closed alpha with delayed English notes


Salut, mes copains! Comment ca va aujourd’hui? We really hope that sentence made sense to you, otherwise trying to figure out what’s been changed in the most recent patch notes for Waven’s alpha test will be more than a little frustrating for you. That’s because they’re in French, and while an English translation is promised in a few days, that patch happened today. The good news is that most of the changes in the fix are of a relatively benign sort, like fixing text that incorrectly listed ability potency.

Of course, the bigger picture is whether or not Waven continues to receive regular updates since it entered alpha testing, and the answer to that is an unqualified “yes.” This is the first patch that the game has received since December 23rd, but… there was kind of something happening in the middle there that might delay some patches and maintenance. Regardless, if you’re enjoying the game, the testing seems to be going fine; just maybe go fire up Duolingo and brush up on your French before looking for patch notes.

Source: Le Site Officiel; merci a Panagiotis pour l’info!
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