Vindictus celebrates 13th birthday with release of celestial Charon hero


Would you believe me if I told you that Nexon’s Vindictus turns 13 years old this weekend? It’s true, and as of this week, the company has released a new hero to celebrate the occasion. The so-called “midnight witch,” Charon, is the game’s 22th playable character.

“Little is known about the mysterious magician except her mission to find the Truth upon arriving in Colhen,” Nexon says. “Despite her cold disposition, she scours the battlefield looking for people to save. Her floating vessel, Orbis, accompanies her through battle, releasing powerful spells.” Orbis is her personal companion and weapon, and her spells and skills are all icy-space-themed, perhaps a subtle nod to Pluto’s largest moon.

Nexon is running the traditional in-game event for players to level up Charon and snag an outfit, title, storage expansion, and a 30-day armor pass.

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