Jagex details plans to beta test RuneScape’s updated account system starting January 26


Apparently the account system that powers Jagex’s MMORPGs is at the end of its road, so the devs of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will be releasing a new account system, which will enter closed beta testing on Thursday, January 26th.

According to the dev blog, this account system upgrade will help increase player security, stability, and sustainability, using modern technology and a new multi-factor authentication functionality. The account system will also better integrate with the Jagex Launcher, allowing players to access multiple characters from the launcher, provided characters are linked to that account – a process that will be as simple as logging in like usual.

The upcoming closed beta will only invite player moderators and “other selected players” in order for the devs to better keep an eye on account upgrade progress. Once data is collected and feedback absorbed, an open beta for the system will commence. Whether you fall into those potential closed beta buckets or you’re just curious what’s coming on the account management horizon, the dev blog features all the information you could need.

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