Whatever happened to NetEase’s DarkBind?


Last spring we got word of a new NetEase mobile MMO in the works called DarkBind. The studio promoted the game’s attractive graphics, hardcore combat, and “magnificent mythological worldview,” whatever that means.

At the time, DarkBind was heading into closed beta on Android and iOS, which it then wrapped up on April 15th, 2022. The last official word received from the studio on the project was the same date when it said, “As the beta test for DarkBind is about to end, we would like to thank everyone who has participated. We’re working non-stop to optimize the game.”

Since then, the project went completely silent with no new word from NetEase on it. The Discord is effectively dead, the Facebook page hasn’t been updated, and the project isn’t listed on the company’s website. It’s probably safe to say that this one got quietly buried and move on with our lives.

Source: Facebook
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