DC Universe Online patches in a new UI element and a new lockbox


Some updates are tiny, but the latest one for DC Universe Online is pretty meager in comparison to other patches the superheroing MMO has received, effectively bringing a new UI element and a new lockbox as its headlining features.

The new lockbox in question is the Neon Technomancer time capsule, which features a variety of cosmetic items inspired by the character Circe, including an outfit set, hairstyle, and head accessories among other things. As for the UI element, players can now look at a list of feats for any mission on the On Duty menu by focusing on it and either right-clicking or pressing the L3 button.

Other portions of the new patch include a fix for the way emotes are displayed in the relevant menu and some loot table updates for several episodes, but that’s pretty much it for this game update.

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