EverQuest II kicks off its Valentine’s Day celebration with new achievements and items

Happy Erollisi Day! Here's a taxidermied owlbear looking like it's taking a dump


The season of love has once more swept across the entirety of EverQuest II as this week sees the return of Erollisi Day to the MMORPG from now until February 22nd, including the recently added lands of Ro and the time-limited expansion servers.

While this year’s activities are likely still the same as previous years, the goodies players can get are once more updated, with two new achievements to unlock, seven new items to buy, and another new crafting book to get for those who want to put together romantic items.

As for those previously referenced TLE servers, the entire event is active on Kaladim, all but two quests are available on Tarinax, and the Varsoon server has special merchants selling housing items and mounts along with romantic reputations to earn by by handing out fresh-cut roses to fellow adventurers.

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