Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 17th anniversary event kicks off this Wednesday


You know how you hate all those websites that make you feel ancient by reminding you that such-and-such is this many years old already? We hate those sites too. Anyway, Dungeons and Dragons Online is hitting its 17th anniversary this week, as it launched all the way back on February 28th, 2006. That was like over a year before the iPhone came out and the same year that the original Nintendo Wii released.

You’re so ancient.

Anyway, with the return of the anniversary event comes several quests, the kooky anniversary hall, and plenty of rewards to earn. Plus, there’s usually a special cloak or two tossed into the mix.

Back in January, Standing Stone Games said that it would package the anniversary with a content giveaway: “Our game will be celebrating its 17th anniversary this year with fun free content! We’ll introduce three new free archetypes as well as a free dungeon for all players to play.”

Source: Twitter
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