Final Fantasy XI celebrates the doll festival on February 27


What is the real meaning of the adventure in Final Fantasy XI? Is it the friends you made along the way? A statement of defiance against an uncaring universe? No. It’s dolls. The point of the story and the gameplay is that dolls are fun and you should get more dolls. Would you like some dolls? You can get dolls as part of the doll festival when it starts up on February 27th. Just dolls.

No, really, just dolls. When the festival starts you can enjoy some well-made doll displays. You can also buy your own doll displays and set them up in your Mog House. Then you can have friends visit and look at your dolls year-round. That’s enough. They’re dolls. Do you like dolls? Enjoy your dolls. Not everything has to be intensely complicated, it’s enough to just enjoy dolls. At least until March 31st, then you have to go back to waiting until you can appreciate dolls more. TFW looking at dolls.

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