Blue Protocol projects a mid-March window for its next network test and a March 1 release of a benchmark tool


As followers of the anime-styled MMO Blue Protocol know, the game’s next Japanese network test was delayed a second time thanks to a particularly stubborn (but unspecified) bug that delayed that same test earlier this year. Naturally, that whole matter was one of the topics the devs at Bandai Namco briefly brought up during its most recent livestream, among other things.

According to a live fan translation co-stream provided by fansite Blue Protocol DB, the devs explain that the team is still working hard to crush persistent bugs, but they also don’t expect the game’s network test to be delayed any further. To that point, the network test is projected to begin sometime in mid-March.

The devs then go on to discuss a benchmark tool that is arriving tomorrow, March 1st. This tool will allow players to create a character (though it can be only a Blade Warden class) as well as see how their PC handles the MMO with a little demonstration cutscene featuring your toon. Players will be able to share their test results with others, and they can save their created character and export it to the full release. The tool’s file size is expected to be around 3.5GB.

The devs are planning to host another livestream just before the Japanese network test to outline some of Blue Protocol’s features. Until then, you can watch the live fan translation below, which has been skipped forward to when the livestream starts up.

sources: YouTube, Twitter (1, 2)
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