Blue Protocol’s benchmark tool and character creator have been released

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Do you want to know if your computer can handle Blue Protocol? Do you want to try out creating a character within the game’s creation engine? Do you read Japanese? If your answer to all of the above was affirmative, you will have absolutely no problem downloading and installing the game’s benchmark software from the official site. If your answer to the first two questions was “yes” and the second question was “no,” on the other hand, you might have a little bit of trouble with the installing and operating part.

Fortunately, the download page explains the process well enough; unfortunately, that is also in Japanese, but the diagrams should give you a clear enough picture even if you don’t have Chrome just translate the page. Click on the second link on the page to download the benchmark, unzip the files into a placeholder directory, then install the full benchmark and run it. It might take a little extra time of fumbling around with the benchmark in an unfamiliar language, but it will let you know how you can handle the game and give you an idea of what the creator will look like. Amazon is still planning to release by the end of the year, of course, so if you can have patience you might not need to fumble with an unfamiliar language.

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