Star Trek Online launches Refractions update and giveaways for consoles


Are you console players ready to engage with Star Trek Online’s first big content update of the year? After waiting for the Refractions episode to drop after the PC players got it back in January, Xbox and PlayStation users can now catch up on the Crushers and conclude the Terran Gambit story arc.

The update contains the voice work of Star Trek actors Wil Wheaton, Gates McFadden, and Chase Masterson as well as a new task force operation called Bird Cage, two additional patrols, and the 13th anniversary event. This last one will continue through April 13th and include the opportunity to earn a free Tier 6 starship.

While the studio had to pull the anniversary giveaway for consoles yesterday due to issues, Cryptic did hand out free elite bridge officer upgrades and fleet support duty officer packs to Xbox and PlayStation players who log in to claim them.

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