Wolcen launches Endgame update with new story chapter and massive progress reset


More than three years after its launch, multiplayer Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has at last provided a conclusion to its main story with its new Endgame update. This update includes the long awaited Chapter IV, which sends players face to face with the Blind Prince Ahriman for a final confrontation.

Rather than a traditional campaign, Chapter IV is a hybrid of story missions and the previous Champion of Stormfall endgame mode (which can still be accessed in its full version after Chapter IV is completed), featuring a new rogue-like system where players will have to unlock the final fight with Ahriman by grinding repeatable missions — perhaps many times, as the process starts all over each time they are defeated by Ahriman.

You won’t be able to jump into the new story right away, though, as the story from the previous Bloodtrail Chronicle has been integrated into Chapter IV, and it must be completed first, even if you’ve done it before.

The new story is just one small part of this massive free update, which brings changes to nearly every aspect of the game, from skill balance to itemization.

Unfortunately for veteran players, the developers have chosen to institute a massive progress reset to ensure all players are on equal footing in the new story. All characters have had their level reset to 40, all active skill levels have been reset to the same level, all currencies have been reset, and all progress in the city-building mini-game of Champion of Stormfall has been reset. For many players this means dozens or perhaps even hundreds of hours of progress lost. Characters from early in the game’s history have also lost all of their gear, though new sets of compensation gear have been provided.

MassivelyOP’s Not So Massively column has previously issued praise for Wolcen, though the long delay of Chapter IV and general lack of focus in its post-launch support is certainly cause for frustration.

Source: Steam
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