Albion Online’s new video walks through the sandbox journey from zero to hero


As the preorder headstart for Albion Online’s Albion East server continues this weekend before the free-to-play launch, Sandbox Interactive is very much aware that new players might have no idea what to do and what to expect out of the sandbox that isn’t exactly know for hand-holding. Even lapsed players are likely to be a little lost, as weapons, the UI, and even the cities have all gotten major revamps over the years since launch.

To that end, the studio has released a brand-new video that walks players through the basics of the game, from the tutorial to the starter towns, with nods toward leveling up armor, weapons, and combat skills, as well as the marketplace, mounts, dungeons, resource gathering, crafting, islands, guilds… it’s a lot. Of course, the video also goes in-depth on the game’s PvP system and city faction wars and tries to encourage players to dive in.

But even in a freeform sandbox where you can do anything, knowing the bounds of what “anything” really means is critical to understanding what you might want to do next.

Source: YouTube
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