Wonderers Eternal World brings storybook icons together for roguelike delves, minigames, and social activities


What happens when fairy tale and narrative characters like Alice, Gretel, Robin Hood, and Snow White get forgotten? That depends on what fictional universe you ascribe to, but in the upcoming multiplayer title Wonderers: Eternal World, those characters come together in a virtual world for games, dungeon delves, and social events. And they look cute doing it.

Wonderers comes from developer NGELGAMES and publisher Smilegate and sees players taking up the role of a variety of fable heroes to check out its colorful world. One of the primary activities involve entering the PvE Glitch Dungeon, a roguelike delve full of monsters and bosses that changes based on player decisions, while the game will also feature a central hub that provides social content, single-player and multiplayer minigames, a 4v4 PvP mode where teams have to collect as much gold as possible, and a variety of cosmetics ranging from classic fairy tale looks to modern reimaginings.

The game is set to hold its first closed beta test between April 24th and 30th; the test will be available to US and Canadian players on Android and Windows according to Discord. The game will ultimately release on PC, Android, and iOS, with cross-play planned for the title, though closed beta and early access will not support iOS. Players can sign up to the game’s Discord for more, fill out a form to receive a newsletter, or just keep tabs on Twitter or Stove.

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