Darkfall: Rise of Agon updates community on the new and improved Steam version

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It’s been a rather long road toward a Steam release for Darkfall: Rise of Agon, spanning from the original announcement of the reworked MMO back in February 2022 all the way to now. Happily, it sounds as though the Steam client and a fresh start is coming sooner rather than later — and with a couple of new bells and whistles.

In an update to the community (the first since last May), the Rise of Agon dev team said that the project is shaping up to be rather significant: “For those who may be unaware, we are building Rise of Agon Steam server using a reworked setup as the foundation. This means that changes to crafting mechanics, more long term progression, Vulkan, and other features are already in the game and will receive some adjustments before launch.”

Along with the Steam launch, Rise of Agon will sport a 64-bit game engine, VOIP integration, and reintroduce Race Wars to the game. The engine upgrade, in particuilar, will greatly improve the game’s performance and stability. This update will allow for larger maps, better rendering, and smoother gameplay, among other benefits.”

No date was given for the Steam rollout.

Source: Rise of Agon
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