No Man’s Sky adds a new ship type, corrupted planets, and sentinel tech with the Interceptor update


Spicy new ships, planets and enemies suffering from a mysterious corruption, more sentinel foes; there is a lot to love (or fear) in the newly released Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky, which is primarily focusing around sentinel tech that can be used by or aimed at players, as well as some mysterious corruption affecting life in the game’s universe.

The big feature that gives the patch its name is the ability for players to find, repair, and ultimately pilot interceptor ships that procedurally generate across the game. These new ships feature some impressive looks, a distinctive cockpit style, and some unique sentinel tech like anti-gravity wells for liftoff, a crimson core warp drive, and their own kind of weapons. Speaking of sentinel tech, new gear will also be available for players to find like sentinel multi-tools and a sentinel jetpack.

The other major feature of this patch is the introduction of corrupted worlds, which will offer up a wide assortment of new things to find and fight like corrupted sentinel foes, pieces of robotic anatomy, abandoned camps, drilling machines that can be engaged for rewards, and sentinel swarms. These corrupted worlds are also the center of a new multiplayer mission in the Nexus that players can group up for.

Other features include updates to sentinel quadrupeds in terms of their attacks, mobility, and AI; the opportunity for players to engage sentinel frigates in space combat, new cosmetic items; new materials to harvest; a new VR UI update that lets players manually move a wristpad element; and better visuals for the Xbox version. It’s yet another sizeable content patch that’s outlined in the stylish patch notes guaranteed to delight the eyes and bog down the browser tab.

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