New World’s latest video talks about balance changes and balance plans

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First things first. The latest video from the New World development team was filmed on March 21st, so if you were hoping it would include talk about patch delays and naked characters, just go ahead and adjust your expectations now. This was filmed before all of that. More to the point, the video is all about balance. Indeed, it’s a solo show with creative director Dave Verfaillie talking about how the game has been balanced in the past and what the plans are for balance in the future.

As Verfaillie explains in the video introduction, the team has been a little slow to make balance changes in the past, so the new focus is on making balance a priority. That means making major balance changes every single month and other balance changes progressively over time. He also runs down the most recent major changes and what the philosophical rationale behind them were; check out the whole video just below to dive as deep into New World’s balance as you possibly can without being paid to adjust values in the game’s database.

Source: YouTube
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