DC Universe Online’s Shock to the System author on shifting from comics to video games


Yes, we’ve quite the anticipatory jitters for this week’s DC Universe Online game update, especially as it adds a couple of iconic characters to the MMO. And if you hadn’t heard, Episode 45: Shock to the System is being written by comic book author Leon Chills, who sat down for an interview about the update with Screen Rant.

Chills said that writing for this MMO — his first time working on a video game — presented a unique challenge: “There was a storytelling constraint that I wasn’t used to, which was that the voice actors had a literal limit on the amount of lines they could say. This was a big change for me coming from the world of film and TV. So I had to be very concise in trying to convey everything I wanted to.”

Another unexpected task was writing 500 or so one-liners for characters to voice during fight scenes and other interactions. But at least Chills said that the work should pay off in player delight.

“I’m excited for them to react to Ebon,” Chills said. “I think it’s his first time appearing in a DCUO episode. He’s a legend from the TV show that I think players will enjoy.”

Shock to the System launches tomorrowday.

Source: Screen Rant
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