Neverwinter adjusts companions and items, fixes a milestone rewards error, and helps a lost kobold


There is a kobold in Neverwinter’s Menzoberranzan. It’s just before a final boss fight in the Whispers in the Dark quest. It was apparently a lost and confused little bean, as it was running itself into a wall. That poor little kobold has found its sense of direction in the latest patch, so now it can properly move around the wall and be slaughtered by players in combat.

Improving a kobold’s sense of direction is just one of several fixes and adjustments applied in this patch, which includes tooltip updates for several items, a UI fix, and proper stat boons from certain enchantments. The largest part of the update involves a host of balance tweaks to several specific companions like the Blaspheme Assassin, Manticore, and wizard companions among them, and item level bonuses for making certain masterwork items +1 have been increased.

Finally, players will no longer be able to unlock Menzoberranzan campaign rewards for completing milestones two and four for every character across their entire account, as the patch imposes the intended once per account limitation instead. Those who did get their goodies for every character will still be able to keep them, but everyone else who missed the bug won’t be so lucky.

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