DC Universe Online releases Episode 45 Shock to the System to PC and all consoles today


It’s been held back for a week, but at last players of DC Universe Online can experience a Shock to the System today, as the newest content patch is now live for all PC and console players. As we reported before, this new episode features a new open world map for level 20 characters set in Dakota City, with new missions, new alerts, and a new raid as players work alongside Static and Rocket to stop the villainous Ebon and DeSaad.

Naturally, there are more rewards on offer like new gear, feats, artifacts, and other items. In addition to the new content, the patch has made updates to the On Duty menu, applied some backend improvements to the broker, and made a host of specific updates to the MMO at large.

As a result of the update’s delay, Episode 45 is landing for Nintendo Switch players today as well, so everyone will get to experience some Static in the MMO.

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