Ankama recaps Waven’s alpha, sharing plans for PvP, co-op gameplay, and housing


Wakfu and Dofus developer Ankama has been working on its third title Waven for quite some time now, running tests and sharing update details over the past few years that are all leading up to a planned launch by the end of this year. The studio is continuing to keep players informed of the mobile tactical MMO’s development with an extremely detailed dev blog that condenses what players experienced during last December’s alpha test and what will be changed in the game going forward.

The post opens with the aforementioned deep-dive into alpha 0.10 content, as it shared the classes available to players, the tutorial region, and the following region of Bonta, along with a quest points-based progression system that opened the location and other features like PvP and the Asynchronous Arena. The post also notes how Ankama’s devs digested player feedback and planned game updates.

On the subject of those updates, the post gets extremely granular here as well, detailing balancing plans for PvP and PvE, announcing an overhaul to cooperative gameplay, promising the return of universal spells, and sharing plans for player housing. This portion of the blog also opens with Ankama’s overall vision for the game and some general outlines for what Waven’s endgame will look like.

As for the game’s next testing plans, those aren’t being shared yet, but the post closes with the promise of more information and dates soon as well as the game’s participation in this year’s Japan Expo Paris. “It has been a very long crossing, but land is in sight, and we’ll be there soon,” the post closes.

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