Albion Online improves travel mode and fixes mob camp rewards in Roads of Avalon

Misting up over here.

The post-Knightfall patching efforts continue in Albion Online as the latest one has made some noteworthy changes for players who look for mob camps in the Roads of Avalon or generally travel around the map.

This patch makes “significant” adjustments to travel mode based on player feedback, such as travel mode persisting through region transitions, and a variety of map features that allow for new transparency options, a new button to open the region map, and the choice of whether to center the map’s focus to the character or remain in the center of the screen.

Meanwhile, mob camps in the Roads of Avalon have gotten a fix related to camp upgrades and their rewards: The original Knightfall patch accidentally made mob frequency decrease instead of chest frequency increase, but that problem should be addressed with this patch. Players should now also see more frequently upgraded camps and should clear low-level camps more easily. The update also makes several UI updates, applies a fresh round of weapon and armor balance adjustments, and applies a little list of fixes.

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