RuneScape unveils its groundbreaking Necromancy skill in a ghostly new trailer


Would-be masters of undeath in Jagex’s RuneScape should drag their flesh and bones over to YouTube right now to see the studio unveil the trailer for the game’s Necromancy skill. The team hopes the skill will “transform RuneScape’s current combat system as it branches off and offers a new playstyle independent of the well-established combat triangle currently available” in the long-running MMO.

“Necromancy will be one of RuneScape’s premiere updates for 2023. This new skill is designed for current, returning and new players to embrace their inner darkness and learn this ancient combat art across a lore-filled and deep story. Players will unshackle the undead and wage war on the First Necromancer across a series of updates as the new RuneScape season begins. Battle fearsome enemies throughout Gielinor to perfect Necromancy combat, Rituals and Runecrafting skills.”

The preview begins at noon EDT today, followed by a dev Q&A tomorrow.

Source: Press release
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