New World devs discuss PvP, DPS meters, raids, and the future of First Light housing


Amazon is back with another episode of New World’s Forged in Aeternum, and this one’s the Q&A format, so it’s not as skippable as some of the fluffier epis. Here are the highlights from Game Director Scot Lane and Creative Director Dave Verfaillie:

  • The devs are planning more uses for faction tokens in season three.
  • Transmog will have a checklist to check off what you’ve collected, and yes, transmog tokens will be earnable on the free pass and through Prime.
  • The annoying resilience/ward stat combo is being fixed in season two.
  • 3v3 arenas will see more direct rewards, and Amazon expects the influence revamp will “shake up open world PvP.” Tracks will not be reset for the next season.
  • The devs are considering ways to fix the trophy system.
  • More playable music is on the way during this summer’s event.
  • Amazon doesn’t want on-the-fly damage tallies because of toxicity, but it might consider something like it.
  • The new seasonal trial (raid) will be replaced each season with a new one, but Amazon might figure out a way to use the retired ones again.
  • Yes, the devs play the game (and at a high level too), and they read the forums (but they leave commenting to the community managers).
  • No, you can’t take your premade into Outpost Rush to destroy PUGs.

The devs don’t answer any expansion questions, with the exception of big hint that the new version of First Light will have new housing in the expansion (by way of mollifying people being kicked out and refunded in the old version of First Light now).

It’s actually worth it to watch to the end of the video for Katy Kaszynski’s entrance. (We were not prepared.)

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