Elite Dangerous attacks a wide assortment of bugs plaguing Update 15 in latest patch


It’s time once again for Elite: Dangerous to fill in more of the cracks of Update 15. The space sandbox’s newest update is primarily about crushing reams of bugs as well as making a couple of notable adjustments. It’s mostly about fixes, however.

The adjustments in question are related to flight characteristics and ground turrets: Unintended behavior of ships with rotational correction active should now be cleared up, and the repair time for turrets protecting ground troops in settlement conflict areas has been increased from two minutes to 10 minutes; Frontier Developments reasons that the change will make “interesting interplay between ground and air units.” Additionally, some slight tweaks have been made to Thargoid vessel behavior so they’re not confounded by targets hiding in the crevasses of a Titan.

Beyond that, bug fixes are the primary watchword of the patch. Reboot missions should no longer auto-fail if a player logs out and then logs back in, UI-related crashes should no longer happen, buffering in a Maelstrom that led to jerky ship movement has been addressed, Glaive behavior has been fixed, plasma weapons should now deal appropriate damage to Thargoid Revenants, and the game should no longer crash when multicrew players enter a Maelstrom. These are just the smallest taste of a longer list of fixes, so players are invited to scan the notes for more.

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