Waven is available in demo form during the Steam Next Fest through June 26


It’s a deck-builder! It’s turn-based! It’s an MMO! It’s French! It’s Waven, and if you’ve been looking at the game’s test antics and wondering about jumping into the game, well, good news! The game is up for play during the Steam Next Fest now through June 26th in demo form, featuring five different classes for players to explore in the early portion of the game. Best of all, vous n’avez pas besoin de parler francais maintenant; the game is available in English, German, Portugese, and Spanish in addition to its native tongue.

The focus is definitely for new players rather than veteran testers, especially to give potential new members of the community a feel for Ankama’s unique aesthetic, sense of storytelling and humor, and game mechanics. So if you’ve been a test veteran up until now, this demo may not have much for you. But for everyone else? Allons-y, mes copins; nous jouons a un noveau jeu video.

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