Genshin Impact brings a summertime location in its July 5 update, previews a new nation arriving later this year


Are you looking into the distant horizon of the Genshin Impact world and dreaming of a new nation to explore? Then your wish is being granted by Hoyoverse, as the studio closed out its Version 3.8 preview video with a look at the new nation of Fontaine, which is coming later this year.

This portion of the video granted looks at several locations the nation has built above water and underwater, such as its unique city streets, the Fleuve Cendre and the sewers below, and some of the distinct aquatic life that can be found. The video also shows off some of the goodies players can find in the area underwater, all while alluding to a narrative that is likely going to see the player character accused of some criminal activity by a precocious little Melusine.

Of course, the primary focus of that broadcast was the Secret Summer Paradise update arriving on Wednesday, July 5th, which will open up a summer fun-filled area known as the Veluriyam Mirage for a limited time. It’s here that players can take on four different summertime activities like a board game, aerial races, or a water gun shooting gallery, all while getting goodies like the chance to recruit Layla for free.

On the subject of characters, the new update will also grant returning banners for Klee, Eula, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Wanderer, with the first tow characters getting some new outfits this time around. Finally, the new patch will bring more Genius Invokation content in the form of three new character cards and a PvE mode that pits players against an endless swarm of enemies. The Special Program video awaits in full below, along with an update preview trailer.

sources: press release, YouTube
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