Baldur’s Gate 3 confirms split-screen couch co-op, highlights multiplayer features letting party members watch your character's romance scenes


It’s time for another dev blog out of Larian Studios and its upcoming multiplayer RPG Baldur’s Gate 3. And yes, this game is multiplayer and so falls within our wheelhouse, especially since this new blog post confirms a split-screen couch co-op multiplayer option on top of its existing online co-op.

This portion of the post also talks about other multiplayer features that may interest readers, like multiple opportunities for players to join a party whether it’s during character creation or in an ongoing game, options to share or lock character inventories, shared inspiration points that can be used for skill check rerolls, and the ability for players to eavesdrop in on a conversation and vote on what dialogue option to take. Players can also hide romance scenes or make them available to everyone in the party, just in case folks care to make their friends watch “the joys and pleasures of sexual congress with a wildshaped Druid.”

Speaking of NPC romance, the post takes a closer and more thoughtful look into the system, which promises plenty of depth and development while also offering features like nudity and genitalia toggle options for those who want to shield their eyes – or their streaming audience’s eyes – from the in-game WooHoo.

Other features highlighted in the post include confirmation of multi-classing, an introduction of a respec feature, the ability for players to take on hirelings, a quick blurb about the game’s third villain Orin the Red, and more looks at customization options. There’s plenty for fans to read up on before this RPG hits PC on August 3rd and PS5 on September 6th.

source: Steam
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