Ankama’s Waven heads to early access on August 16 – here’s the new trailer


Back in June, MOP’s Fight or Kite columnist Sam dipped into Waven for the first time – and really liked it. The game is a follow-up to Ankama’s MMOs Dofus and Wakfu, but it’s a tactical PvP card game rather than a turn-based MMORPG. And if Sam’s article piqued your interest, then good news: Today Ankama has announced that free early access begins August 16th.

The early access launch will include 25 heroes, five classes, quick-start mechanics, the tutorial island, the island nation of Astrub, several archipelagos, 13 quests, three-person co-op groups, the PvP Kolossium, and cross-platform play on PC, Mac, and (eventually) mobile. The island nation of Amakna will apparently be inaccessible during this test phase, but pkayers will be able to reach its monster islands, and the devs aren’t anticipating a wipe (though they aren’t ruling it out either).

“In addition to the introductory side quests, which have been updated to simplify your introduction to combat mechanics and better prepare you for the epic adventure that lies ahead, Astrub also offers two exclusive quests known as clan quests, forming initial narrative threads that serve as a prologue to WAVEN’s main storyline.* The entire game is dubbed in both English and French for a completely immersive experience.”

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