Activision Blizzard is laying off workers in its esports division amidst future uncertainty regarding Overwatch League

Yay, a thing we didn't want.

Amidst all the other signs of robust health that you can see written across the state of Overwatch 2, you can add the Overwatch League’s uncertain future. A number of esports team members working on the aforementioned league have been unceremoniously laid off, with affected members stating that the layoffs come as a complete surprise and offered no opportunities to switch teams.

Buried within the most recent financial report is a statement that teams in the league will vote on an updated operating agreement following the conclusion of the current season. Voting against that agreement will result in a $6 million payout for the team owner… and while the terms of said agreement have not yet been released, given all of the financial issues that running the Overwatch League has run into, it seems likely most if not all teams will take the payout and exit.

Combine this with the fact that the employees laid off have noted several of the tools used to run tournaments are being removed with no replacements finished, the affected staff speculates that this may be the end of the epsorts division within Activision Blizzard. No official statement to that effect has emerged from the company at this time, however.

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