Fractured’s PvP-centered server war relaunch pretest has begun and runs through July 30


As promised, the indie team at Dynamight Studios has officially begun Fractured’s relaunch pretest as of today. This is expected to be the largest stress of the game’s post-Gamigo build. The event – available only to players who own the right tier of the game since Kickstarter or early access sales – will last through July 30th, a full 12 days.

“The Server War is a time-limited testing phase in which new characters are thrown directly into the end-game, with free progression and items,” the studio says. “Its purpose is to get feedback on the balancing of end-game combat before the full game relaunch, with a special focus on PvP, including city warfare.” Players will be limited to a single continent, Aerhen, and granted perks like unlimited respecs, capped ranks, cheap land, free city raids, and admin commands, so essentially nobody is starting as a total newbie for the test run.

On Discord, Dynamight has invited players to post their builds on the forums, which are otherwise pretty quiet – again, the fact that this event is locked behind a box fee is probably not helping that.

Source: Official site, Discord
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