Overwatch 2 arrives on Steam on August 10

Oh, yeah, things are going super, we lied.

So things are all going just super for Overwatch 2, as alluded to within the most recent Activision-Blizzard earnings report. So how do you fix that? Why, you put the game on Steam, of course. That’ll do it, right? Blizzard is clearly hoping it will as the studio has announced today that Overwatch 2 will join Valve’s platform on August 10th, allowing players to download and play the game without using the Battle.net client.

Players will still need to make a Battle.net account to actually play the game, of course, so that part hadn’t changed at all; it’s just a matter of having access to Steam’s userbase. While the announcement does not explicitly name any other Blizzard titles that might come to Steam in the future, it does say that further titles will be evaluated moving forward, so it seems relatively certain that more will come.

Of course, one might be inclined to think that the bigger problem with Overwatch 2 is less that it’s not available on Steam and more that it gutted its planned PvE content that supposedly was the core motivation for the sequel before claiming story is super important despite evidence indicating the opposite. But, hey, one less client on your hard drive, right?

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