Overwatch 2 claims that story and lore is ‘incredibly important’ and a ‘key pillar’ of the PvP FPS

Popcorn appropriately.

How does Overwatch 2 reconcile the culling of most PvE features, confirmation that what remains will be paywalled if you want to play them later, and further confirmation that more PvE content won’t come until next year? If you’re creative director Jeff Chamberlain, you write a dev blog that insists that story and lore are important. Apparently.

“Speaking for all of us working on the lore of Overwatch, story is incredibly important to us. It’s what we discuss and refine every working day, and it is one of the key pillars of the Overwatch universe. […] please enjoy the Invasion Story Missions launching on August 10, and all the surrounding story-based content.”

Most of what Chamberlain references is the ongoing “Genesis” anime videos along with a nod to the “nicely curated story content” found at the game’s media section, which houses comics, cinematics, and short stories. Speaking of “Genesis,” Chamberlain also outlines Blizzard’s hope to create more content similar to the series to flesh out the universe and propel the story forward.

What the post boils down to, then, is that you can watch and read the story, but don’t expect to play much of it.

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