Mad World outlines updates to its gem system in developer Q&A


If you’ve ever played any OARPG, you know that socketing gems into equipment is a big part of the character progression process, and that’s certainly true in Mad World. Since gems are so important to character power, the devs of Jandisoft have been making tweaks to the system, which is the focus of a recent developer Q&A post from lead developer DancingBear.

The post itself answers only a total of three questions, but those answers do get pretty granular: DancingBear confirms that gem drop rates were improved, outlined the system’s design intention, and drilled down on specific adjustments to gem drop rates, gem usefulness, and the abyssal meteor activity that players partake in to get their gems. DancingBear also promises in the post that his team will gather up player questions to answer at least twice a month.

Meanwhile, the game’s most recent patch applied a couple of minor updates like a login event, improvements to UI, raids, and maps, and a new tribe shop. The patch also squashed some bugs, while a later hotfix addressed an issue with tribal contribution levels.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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