Eternal Tombs promises September gameplay demo following fan reaction to its reveal trailer


Eternal Tombs, aka the game formerly known as War of Dragnorox, put out a reveal trailer as well as a sprawling and aspirational overview at the beginning of this month. That unveiling has brought in no shortage of reaction from genre fans, which has prompted developer Triune to get a bit more granular in September with plans for a gameplay demonstration that month.

This gameplay showcase promises to pull the curtain back on a wide assortment of features, including three zones, combat, grouping, its pet system, gathering, and a complete tour of its big-ticket game master feature set. There’s also the potential for a demonstration of a raid but that’s dependent on the setup of a raid test. A date for this demonstration hasn’t been locked down beyond a “late September” window, but that does mean that an earlier trailer about the game world that was scheduled to debut on September 7th is on hold.

According to the Discord announcement, this full-featured gameplay demonstration is in response to reactions gathered from the aforementioned trailer as Triune attempts to stop being coy about what it’s building. “[O]ur marketing has always been our weakest point as a company. […] We keep holding things back and we only show minor pieces of combat, old footage, unpolished levels, and much more in an effort to not ‘spoil’ things,” the announcement admits. “It’s time to open up our game to the world for you to see. We have so many great things to show off and it’s time for us to demo a session of gameplay for you.”

More details on when this demonstration will premiere are promised soon, but if all goes well, that wait will just be a matter of weeks.

source: Discord
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