Lineage II brings back the Red Libra Merchants and their unique wares until September 12

"Cat bunny has wares if you have coin."


When is a merchant not just a merchant? When it looks like a cat bunny, of course. Also, it’s when the merchant sells things that can’t be bought anywhere else, I suppose. That’s the sort of thing that Lineage II players can look forward to with the return of the Red Libra Merchants, as in both the unique wares and the cat bunny thing.

Between now and Tuesday, September 12th, players can head to the town of Giran and accost five different colors of merchant, each with a host of distinct items. Some of the goods and services offered by these merchants include a Stone of Destiny that lets players change their class (the first one’s free, others cost 3,000,000,000 Adena), buff-granting consumables, items that can change weapon attributes or armor classes, or a variety of exchange services.

For those who have a whole lot of Adena burning in their character’s pocket, you can check out all of the specific items on offer.

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