World of Warcraft drops a launch cinematic video for next week’s Fury Incarnate patch

Burning everything.

Have you gotten enough of cinematics in which Bad Guy does Mean Thing before Bad But More Reasonable Woman stops him, and then has a stare at Victim Guy before walking out like she’s having her own “are we the baddies” moment? Well, the next World of Warcraft patch has a launch cinematic now, and that’s exactly what you’re getting. This time it’s Fyrakk and Vyranoth, if that moves the needle on your personal investment. Fyrakk would very much like a day pass to the Emerald Dream, and he’ll kill a lot of green dragons to get it, but if one of them lets him in he’ll… kill fewer? Kill them later? It’s a poorly structured ultimatum.

WoW Classic, meanwhile, will just kill Hunters on its hardcore realms. The community team posted a new update on the state of the realms and revealed that 32% of Hunters on those realms have died, with over 360,000 deaths since the launch. The average death is at level 9, so at least some people didn’t die with the prize in sight.

Source: YouTube, Twitter
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