Baldur’s Gate 3 adds more epilogue for Karlach, along with more bug fixes and improvements


What’s the difference between “cut content the designers couldn’t finish” and “cut content the designers didn’t finish?” That might seem like splitting hairs, but the latest community update for Baldur’s Gate 3 is all about splitting those precise hairs because there is a lot of stuff that was cut from the game – like some longer endings, more stages to Karlach’s quest line, the Upper City, and so forth. But it wasn’t cut because the team ran out of time; it was cut because the team didn’t feel it lived up to what they wanted for the game.

And for some of that content, players feel differently. So the team is charting a new course.

The update stresses that the team is still working hard on fixing bugs and performance issues, especially in Act 3, but the second major patch is right around the corner and will include restoration of more epilogue content, starting with the ultimate fate of Karlach as the studio “gives her the ending she deserves.”

“[W]e’ve added a new epilogue scene for Karlach, and are working on additional endgame scenes featuring other characters. Additional Karlach moments have also been added in Acts 1 and 2, allowing her to better reflect on her infernal engine and the options available to her.”

There are also new modifications, like an update for Withers to remove offline players from your game, making co-op even smoother in play. It’s all the more reason to keep playing if you haven’t gotten enough tadpole antics over the past few weeks (which it seems most people have not).

Source: Steam
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