Destiny 2 outlines new missions and features designed to help new and returning players


As Destiny 2 moves towards its Final Shape expansion, it becomes even more apparent that there are a lot of vague narrative details that are missing in the minds of new or lapsed players. It’s with those folks in mind that Bungie is introducing some new features and tweaking existing features with the aim of making the story come together and onramp players easier.

First, there will be three new timeline reflections missions that elaborate on the fate of Cayde-6, explain the Guardians’ use of the darkness, and showcase how the Lucent Hive earned the ability to wield the light. The full series of missions should take no less than an hour to complete and will award a legendary weapon and an exotic weapon.

Additionally, players will be able to access new subclass mastery missions that will teach players how to use subclass-specific keywords for the shooter’s three base damage types and guide players on building a character around a keyword through the use of specific legendary weapons and exotic armor pieces.

Last but not least, the New Light missions will grant better armor and weapons to fresh faces, one of which being the Tractor Cannon exotic shotgun, which will be earned instead of the Riskrunner exotic.

Player response to these new features appears to be a bit of a mixed bag. Replies on Twitter suggest that these additions are helping enfold new and old players alike, while other replies argue that unvaulting content would be more effective and grant more granular detail.

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