Embers Adrift opens up subscription perks to all for its anniversary event

Less drifty!

It’s already been just about a year since Embers Adrift first reached launch, and that’s something to celebrate for any MMO. Even more so when you’re a dedicated old-school indie title that underwent a business model pivot. But for the game’s first anniversary it’s temporarily going through another pivot by letting everyone enjoy the game for free, whether you’re an original purchaser or you’ve never so much as glanced at the game before.

The free access period starts on Friday, October 13th, and runs until Sunday, November 5th, with everyone able to log in, make a character, level, and even enjoy the new Alchemy skill slated for the game’s update on October 31st. There are also random GM events that will be held throughout the period, and everyone will enjoy the perks of subscription for the duration of the event. So if you’re curious to see how the game has developed over the past year or you just want a month-long free tour, check it out starting next Friday.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Mark for the tip!
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