RIFT runs a full round of October weekend events and gives away another gift

Smoke on the water

With invasions rampaging across the land and the angry planes trying to rend the sky asunder, every day in RIFT is a quilt of uncertainty. So what’s a little change on top of everything else? Gamigo announced that it’s hosting a full series of weekend events for the whole month of October to benefit players.

These events include this weekend’s 50% dungeon currency boost, followed by a 50% planarite boost next weekend, a 50% prestige and favor boost the weekend after that, and a 50% player and guild boost for Halloween weekend. There’s been no word yet about the start of the game’s Autumn Harvest festival, but it is expected to be coming soon.

To celebrate the company’s 23rd anniversary, Gamigo is also giving RIFT players a free mystery gift if they redeem the code RIFTGAMIGO23 on their respective accounts.

Source: RIFT
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