The Elder Scrolls Online shares tips for success in the upcoming Endless Archive

Perhaps we should try to win.

So are you ready to take on endless waves of enemies in The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Endless Archive content? It’s coming out on October 30th, but you might actually be less ready than you think, and that’s why the developers have put together a list of tips for players to consider. For example, if you’ve got a PvE build that you think does a great job of hammering down enemies with one or two tricks, you might want to invest a little more in survivability to really be successful solo.

Players are also advised to keep an eye on portals, make good use of scenery, and perhaps most importantly not to ignore defensive buffs because they don’t help your damage output. (Remember, a dead character not only deals no damage but also fails out of the whole thing.) Check out the rundown on the official site to make sure that you are dressed, built, and fed for success.

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