Elite Dangerous Update 17 brings forth another laundry list of fixes and continued tease of ‘louder rumbling’


β€œThe rumbling got quieter and then much, much louder,” read the not-very-jumbled word jumble in Elite: Dangerous’ timing announcement for Update 17. That jumble is once more repeated in the patch’s full changelog, while most of Update 17’s content features another long slate of bug fixes and improvements.

Updates of note include a new toggle for aim assist, multiple mission and settlement fixes, a reduction in damage from Thargoid Revenants, optimized memory usage of certain Thargoid audio, fixes for several different visual oddities like text color or hardpoints toggling on and off, and fleet carrier changes no longer taking effect only after a jump.

According to a related update thread, the new patch has officially come online as projected, so players should be able to start investigating this mysterious loud rumbling for themselves.

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