Elite Dangerous outlines patch timing and teases October 16’s Update 17

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What’s coming in Update 17 for Elite: Dangerous? We don’t know yet; Frontier Developments always puts out the patch notes on the day of their content launches. What we do know is precisely when Update 17 will launch, as well as how big it will be, so that’s something at least.

Update 17 lands on Monday, October 16th, at around 10:00 a.m. EDT after a downtime of roughly seven hours. Patch notes are expected when servers go offline at 3:00 a.m. EDT, while patches themselves are about 2.8 GB for Steam players and 3.1 GB on EGS.

The only other portion of note in this announcement is a garbled message that reads, “The rumbling got quieter and then much, much louder.” This cryptic message is likely a reference to further Thargoid-related content, likely associated with a September teaser video that appeared to take place at one of the sandbox’s Thargoid barnacle sites. In any event, more details will be available assuming the update’s schedule holds up.

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