Destiny 2 details vault access changes and further cost adjustments coming in Season 23


As the current season of Destiny 2 nears its end and the new one looms, Bungie is continuing to outline several updates to the shooter in its weekly newsletter, starting first with a neat quality-of-life feature that will let players access their vault from orbit instead of having to land at the Tower location to get their stuff. How can a character access a vault from a spaceship? Just repeat to yourself, “It’s just a game, I should really just relax.”

On top of ship-based vault access, Season 23 is also bringing another slate of economy updates that include several energy cost changes for a variety of Ghost mods, the ability to break down an enhancement prism into 10 enhancement cores, and other cost updates to earning specific upgrade materials. These changes are on top of other cost tweaks that Bungie has confirmed previously. The rest of the newsletter otherwise warns against using level boosting services and shares a bunch of Halloween pumpkins and costumes designed by players.

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