RuneScape improves dungeon visuals, refreshes premier rewards, and applies Zamorak improvements


It’s a new week of stuff for players of RuneScape, with the MMORPG adding a new lick of visual paint to some dungeons, making some tweaks to the Zamorak encounter, and ensuring those who buy into premier membership get new shinies.

We’ll begin with the Zamorak tweaks, which are all part of the next “community hitlist” of changes that players have asked for. These include a “drastic reduction” of Undercity runs needed to access the fight (from 25 to just one), reduced clickboxes for the runes in the fight, and a pair of fight-specific bug fixes. The hitlist patch also lets rune essence pouches auto-fill, keeps persistent potion effects ongoing after death, and stops Nulodion the Dwarf from roaming around, along with various other updates.

The graphical improvements to RuneScape continue in this week’s patch, with a focus this time on prettying up the dungeons and sewers of Edgeville, Varrock, and Pollnivneach. Because when we think “pretty,” we immediately think of sewers!

Finally, the premier membership rewards have been refreshed for the year, bringing with them a new cosmetic, a new pet, and the usual slate of rewards like extra storage space and vault access. The premier benefits are now also being sold in one-month or six-month recurring bundles that don’t include additional subscription perks; Jagex explains this as way to let players “keep [their] preferred membership format and access premier perks.”

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