Fractured Online’s return to early access sees bug fixing, a small server rollback, and mixed player reaction


It’s time to once more take the temperature of an MMORPG’s launch and today we’re asking Fractured Online to open its mouth, say “ahh,” and gauge how things are going since the sandbox’s return to Steam last week.

So far the game has made one publicly shared patch that stops attacks from cancelling a spell cast (“#1 player request fulfilled!” crows Dynamight in the notes), grants protection from monsters when players enter a patch of owned land, and fixes bugs related to packaging stations, the in-game store button, and crafting station access on owned land, among a few others.

Meanwhile the game’s official Discord chronicles another issue that occurred over the weekend that forced an emergency restart of the human continent because processes that control a portion of the world lost their connection. The server reset did force a rollback of up to 10 minutes from the moment players were disconnected, which doesn’t appear to have aroused any player grievances.

On the subject of player reactions, the game’s Steam page is currently on a “Mixed” user review aggregate: some players are calling it a hidden gem, others simply admit that they simply couldn’t get into the game or accuse Dynamight of running a scam. Player sentiment on a subreddit also sees a few people talking about how the sandbox is missing the mark for some, while most of the threads are from players seeking advice. Discord general chat appears to be pretty pedestrian, with most players just talking shop at the moment.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Reddit, Discord
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