Black Desert opens the Ulukita region on PC and refines the Great Desert feature on mobile


Residents of the PC version of Black Desert appear to be suffering from a case of missing royalty, and it’s up to players (naturally) to fix it. This is the ultimate story-based hook for the the newly opened Exalted Land of Ulukita, where players must take up a quest involving the search for Mediah’s missing prince in the region. Of course, there’s more than just a story in Ulukita; there’s also a new alchemy stone reward for completing Ulukita’s quest line and a new monster zone where players can find several new items and materials.

In addition to Ulukita, the PC patch has started a new event heralding this month’s Calpheon Ball, made a significant number of PvE-focused class updates, and introduced the option to play Arena of Solare practice matches every day with extra rewards on top. There’s a lot more to the patch overall, so players may want to scour the notes for all of the salient details.

Meanwhile, this week BDO Mobile has received its own update that focuses almost entirely on the Great Desert feature, adding quality-of-life updates like UI changes that make the activity’s progression more obvious, additional new quests for the activity, more temples that unlock as Great Desert progress fills, and Black Rock Shrine adjustments, among many others.

The mobile MMO has also gotten some Mountain of Eternal Winter updates that add more ways for players to get certain items to prevent overcrowding in one portion of the zone, class adjustments intended to bring underused classes up in PvE, and difficulty tweaks to the Black Shrine feature.

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