Wayfinder brings PlayStation 5 version up to par – with the return of crossplay

Strike a pose and all that.

In the midst of a hunt for a publisher and preparations for this month’s early access update, Wayfinder found the time to bring its PlayStation 5 version up to spec with the rest of the game. Readers will recall that the game’s last patch went in without an ETA for the platform.

Over on Discord, Airship Syndicate announced that the PlayStation 5 patch went live along with the re-activation of crossplay on Steam. Now players can team up with friends between the PS5 and PC versions. “Thank you for your patience as we worked through this transitional period,” the studio said, going on to promise a PS4 patch soon.


The studio also teased an image from the upcoming 0.2 December patch that contains festive holiday flair and a bird that is clearly accusing you of making bad choices in your life:

Source: Discord
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