Wayfinder previews December update, puts off stream in absence of finalized publishing plan

Sure, all right.

While the rest of us are still nervous about the fate of Wayfinder after Digital Extremes axed its publishing department and jettisoned the game, its studio Airship Syndicate is bubbling over.

“It’s an exciting time here as we are both publisher and developer!” the studio told players last night. “While this major transition continues to be smooth, it is a massive undertaking that takes time and we will continue to tackle it with our awesome crew.” The team doesn’t yet have the “future of the company” news it promised, nor news on the skipped PlayStation update, but it says it’ll tell everyone about its plans via stream as soon as it has “actual concrete info.”

In the meantime, Airship is teasing its December update, which includes “over 2,000 bug fixes and changes”; thus far, we know it’s focused performance and UI improvements, the Senja rework, a rebalance of weapons and stats, earnable cosmetics, new customization options, customizable weapon dyes, and two new dye slots.

Earlier this month, Airship’s AJ LaSaracina told us that the studio “right now has enough resources in both staff and funding to run the game for some time” and that the company is shopping around for a new publisher. He also revealed during our interview that the team is “putting a pause” on the season structure instead of “racing to F2P,” even as it continues to put out content that were meant to be part of those seasons.

“At Airship we believe that our actions speak louder than our words and we hope that this v0.2 update coming in December shows that Wayfinder is just getting started,” the missive to players concludes.

Source: Discord, Twitter
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